MS150 April 17-18, 2004



A small group of volleyball acquaintances decided that we would ride in the MS150 charity bicycle tour mid April 2004. I had ridden the tour a few times before, the last time being in 2000. For the rest of the group

( Beth, Brian, Dawn and Marshal )

this would be their first.

The first day starts in northwest Houston and covers 100 miles to the first day finish line in La Grange. The first 40 miles or so is fairly flat, before coming to some rolling hills just before the first day lunch stop in Bellville. The rest of day one is over similarly rolling hills and is in my opinion by far the most challenging part of the tour.

The second day (about 80 miles) begins with more rolling hills, not quite as challenging as those from the end of day one. It then goes through Buscher and Bastrop State Parks. This 12 mile stretch is extremely hilly but the hills are short. This year there was an optional route that bypassed the park. Lunch on day two is in Bastrop and then on to Austin. The finish this year involved a lot of hills on the ride into Austin.

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