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I rented a 1973 240Z from Jeff Saulsberry for the weekend. Jeff had campaigned the car in GT2 very successfully before moving up to GT1 with a tube chassis Chevy Lumina. The car had been idle for a while so Jeff put on a new set of tires, new brake pads and changed the oil and away I went. I ran two practice sessions on Saturday. The car handled very much like my old 510 and so it was not difficult to learn. Jeff got a couple of lap times in the 1:30 range so we deicded to save the tires for Sunday. I ran part of one practice session on Sunday morning to make sure everything was still working and then we waited for timed qualifying. My best lap in timed qualifying was 1:30.19 which put me 3rd on the grid, second in GT2. In the 6 lap quailifying race I quickly learned that two of the cars behind me had not qualified to their potential.A tube chassis GT1 car passed me going into turn 10 early in the race and then David Herr in his BMW passed me into turn 2 on the next lap. That's the way we finished so I started the 12 lap feature in 5th overall 3rd in class. A GT1 Camaro got by me on the start and I spent about half of the race trying to get passed him. It was a very close and fun few laps. I finally passed him into 2 and then pulled away fairly easily through 4, 5 and 6. Within 2 laps I could not see him in my mirrors. The other two GT1 cars in front of me had withdrawn during this battle, unknown to me, so I finished 3rd in class and 3rd overall.